Gamicon Copper

Volunteer for Gamicon

Volunteer for Gamicon, and get cool stuff! Earn ConBucks! LOAD AND UNLOAD A TRUCK!!!!

Have an hour between games? Need to give your eyes a rest before video gaming again? Want to help make GAMICON even better?

Volunteer for a few hours. Help us out and give back to your community. No experience needed, just willingness to help. Teens and kids, you can volunteer too!

We’re looking for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, including conference set up and tear down, handing out registration bags, and running quick errands—even just covering someone’s job for a short amount of time so they can eat! Any age or ability can help with something.

Volunteers get 1 Con Buck for each hour they help out, ConBucks can be spent in the dealer room or for next year’s membership. Some volunteer opportunities award double hours! If you end up working 20 or more hours, you automatically get free membership for next year’s Gamicon!

Please email our volunteer coordinator ( to volunteer or for more information or visit the Volunteer Table at Gamicon.