Gamicon Copper

Thanks to a LOT of great game companies and Double Exposure Envoy program, we will have over 77 games will be available for Play to Win!Find your new favorite game here, and possibly take it home with you. *Final games available are subject to change.

In order to participate, you will go to the Game Library area, and find the Play-to-win shelves. Pick the game you and your friends want to play and take it to the Game Library Checkout counter and take a Play-to-win entry form. You will trade your badge for the game, and when you get the game back, you will get your badge back. When you return the game, also return the filled entry form with the names and badge numbers of all the players. Only one game may be checked out by a group at any time. If we find you with more than one game at a table, both entries for Play-to-win will be voided.

All games with more than two entries by Saturday night will be drawn Saturday after hours. A list of winning badge numbers will be posted in the Game Library area and games may be picked up Sunday morning. All games with less than two check-outs on Saturday night will be available for play on Sunday and will be given out at closing ceremonies on Sunday at 3pm.

List of games:

9th Level Games - Knuckle Sammich, Bearicades

Adam's Apple Games - Swordcrafters, Truck Off

AEG - Tiny Towns, War Chest

AMIGO Games - Saboteur: The Lost Mines, Saboteur, Carnival of Monsters

Atlas Games - Recess

Baksha Games - Get Me A Fresh Brain!

Bezier Games - Werewords

Bicycle Games - Shuffle Grand Prix, It's Blunderful

Brain Games - TEAM3 Green

Cheeky Parrot Games - Hoard

Chip Theory Games - Triplock

Daily Magic Games - Quests of Valeria

Devir Games - Silk, Paris: La Cité de la Lumiére

Facade Games - Deadwood 1876

Final War Pty Ltd - Final War Starter Kit

Floodgate Games - News@11, Dome Crushers

Formal Ferret Games - The Networks

Gamelyn Games - Tiny Epic Tactics

Genius Games - Cytosis

Gorilla Games - Palaces

Grandpa Beck's Games - The Bears and the Bees, Antiquity Quest, Cover Your Assets

Greenbrier Games - BarBEARian: Battlegrounds, Burger Up

Indie Boards & Cards - Shogunate, Exodus: Paris Nouveau, The Resistance

Jellybean Games - Ninjitsu!, Village Pillage

Lucky Duck Games - Jetpack Joyride

Mayday Games - Bad Doctor

Paw-Warrior Games - Ambyria: Shroud of the Shadow Demon, Ogre Cheerleaders

Playmonster - Full Circle, The LOGO Game, The Game of Things...

Pull the Pin Games - Good Cop Bad Cop (3rd Edition)

R&R Games - Bite Your Tongue, Outback

Red Raven Games - Eight-Minute Empire, Haven

Shades of Vengeance - Champion of Earth

Skybound Games - Red Flags, The Grimm Masquerade

Smirk & Dagger Games - Roll For Your Life, Candyman!, Nevermore

Stonemaier Games - My Little Scythe x2, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig x2, Tapestry

Stronghold Games - The Bottle Imp, Astro Drive, Amul

Tasty Minstrel Games - Dawn of Mankind, Embark

Thames & Kosmos - Roll for Adventure, Lost Cities: Rivals, Imhotep: The Duel

USAopoly - Astro Trash, Dungeon Academy

Wattsalpoag Games - Echidna Shuffle

Weird Giraffe Games - Fire in the Library, Dreams of Tomorrow

White Wizard Games - Star Realms: Frontiers, Hero Realms Base Game