Gamicon Copper


GAMICON is rightfully known for our extensive, live game auction. Our team of auctioneers present a dizzy array of games and gaming accessories over several hours on Saturday.


The auction will begin at 10 am and will run until every lot has been offered for sale. By starting earlier, we hope to finish in time for all concerned to attend evening events.


Sellers are strongly encouraged to submit a list of planned lots prior to the convention; for sellers with any significant number of items, this should be regarded as mandatory. This will speed up item intake and allow the convention staff to anticipate space and schedule needs. As an added bonus, auction staff will prepare lot forms for submitted lists. Contact the Auction Team at for further instructions and a seller template; you must be registered for the convention to submit a list. Click HERE for link to the Auction Intake Form.


Sellers should bring their sale lots to the Rosewood room on Friday between 4:00 and 7:00 pm. Lots will be verified against the auction list and secured overnight. Saturday intake will only be allowed by special exception, and only for sellers with very few items.


To buy or sell, you must have a have a full convention badge (no npc/visitor).

Bids are in $1 increments (no 50¢ minimum bids). Any minimum bid above $10 will result in the item going to the auction store rather than the auction proper. (see below for details on the auction store)

Purchased items must be paid for with cash or credit.

7% Iowa sales tax will be added to the bid price of all items, and is the responsibility of the buyer.

GAMICON takes a 10% cut of all sold items at the auction.

GAMICON is not responsible for quality or completeness of merchandise, so caveat emptor.

Any unretrieved merchandise becomes the property of GAMICON.


Individuals wishing to add items to the store must have a Gamicon badge.

We will accept items beginning Friday at 4 pm. Sellers will need to collect money and unsold items by the end of the day on Saturday.

Store hours: 8 am to final close of auction

Will my item be in the auction or the store?

An item will go straight to the store if:

You want it to go to the store


If it is NOT gaming related


If it comes to the auction with a minimum bid over $10.00

The Auctioneers may choose to move items in these last two categories from the store to the auction proper if they believe this would improve the auction.

Auction Store Frequently Asked Questions

If my item doesn’t sell in the auction can I put it in the store afterwards?

Any lots which do not sell when offered at auction will be moved to the store automatically.

May I pick up my money and unsold items before the store closes?

You may pick up your money and your remaining items at any time the store is open. Items not picked up will become property of Gamicon.

Does Gamicon take a cut for items sold through the store?

Yes, we will take a 10% commission for items sold through the store.

Are there rules about store prices?

Items in the store must have prices in whole dollars.

May I bundle items for the store?

You may sell items singly or in bundles. Each lot must have a sale tag. We cannot accept a pile of items with a single “$X.00 each” tag.

Contact the auction team at if you have additional questions. _