FallCon 34

FallCon 34 Discord Server Channel Description

This page is a virtual map for our virtual convention. The convention is divided into eight sections (as pictured below), where each section contains one or more text message channels, voice channels, and announcement channels. Scroll down to find a description for each section.


Welcome + Rules

You will start here in #welcome channel. The #rules channel has rules you must read and accept to see all of the other channels.

Reg Desk (Start Here)

Check-in at the registration desk after accepting the #rules. Send messages in the #check-in-and-help text channel or speak to a volunteer in the Check In And Help voice channel.

Bulletin Board

Non-gaming channels where you can introduce yourself, see announcements about prize draw winners, get quick links to convention resources.

Sponsor Hall

See information about this year’s convention sponsors including special offers and coupon codes.

Open Gaming Lobby

Text and voice channels for posting game requests and organizing games with other participants in open gaming. Volunteers create text and voice channels for requested games and move them to the Looking for Players or Games in Progress sections below.

Looking for Players

Text and voice channels for requested open games needing players. The channels in Looking for Players will indicate the game, the start time, and the number of players still required. Volunteers will move the channels to the next section when informed the game is starting.

Games In Progress

Text and voice channels for games currently being played. Channels are moved here when a game has enough players or reaches its start time.

Hosted Games

Text and voice channels for scheduled games. If you have tickets to a hosted game, join the game’s channels a few minutes before start time. The schedule and tickets are found here.