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FallCon is an expansion of a game night with your friends and family in your living room. People new to the hobby are welcome! Meet new friends and play online with our friendly and diverse community.

September 25, 2021 from 10:00am - 8:00pm

Welcome to FallCon34, our online celebration of gaming!
We have missed gathering around the table together, but want FallCon to be a safe, enjoyable space for all, so we’re adapting your favourite FallCon experiences to a new virtual format.


We want EVERYONE to be able to attend our virtual event this year. We know the impacts of Covid have been wide-spread in our gaming community so we are offering a pay-what-you-can model for this year's online event. If you are unable to afford the Gamer level badge, send us an email so we can help.
And if you have the means, please consider extending your support! It will help us to resume adding games to the library and offset our fixed costs (i.e. insurance, IT, storage locker). Need to know more? This page has more information.

Get your Badge

Note: badge prices are in USD.

Getting FallCon 34 Ready!

The FallCon 34 Discord server will be our virtual Convention floor. There, you'll find the Registration Desk plus Open, Hosted Gaming & Sponsors areas. You will receive a link to the FallCon 34 Discord server before the Convention and you will need a working microphone for chatting.
Board Game Arena will be our Gaming Library for Open and Hosted Gaming.

If you are new to Discord or Board Game Arena (BGA)…

  1. Sign up for a free account: Discord, BGA
  2. Check out the "Getting Started" Guides: Discord, BGA
  3. Join one of our Meetups to try out your new online gaming skills: Friday, Saturday

Hosted Gaming

Your ConCrew is working hard to schedule a series of hosted games, from their favourites to classics, played on Board Game Arena. Providing your BGA username when you purchase your badge enables the game host to add you as a friend in BGA prior to the Convention, making it faster to get game play started on event day. Each hosted game will have a dedicated voice and text channel in the Discord server.

Open Gaming Lobby

Here, you can suggest a game you would like to play and/or host. Open Gaming Hosts will create a channel (like a table, but virtual) for the game and show that you are looking for players!
Tip: Most online games take a bit longer than in real life, so allow extra time, especially if there is a Hosted Game you are scheduled for.

Thank you for joining us online at FallCon 34 this year!

As with any online event, patience is the order of the day as we navigate this form of gaming together. Whether we are gathering around screens or tables, we will do our very best to continue to present events that foster this tabletop community and grow our valued gaming relationships.

See you in September!