Dragonsteel 2023

Dragonsteel 2023 Craft Room Instructions

Below are instructions for completing this year's crafts! Click the picture to download the pdf of instructions. Limited craft kits are available in the craft room, or you can purchase supplies outside of the convention and build your own crafts at home!

Crochet Kitsen

Mem's new Dragonsteel 2023 crochet pattern!

Crocheted Kitsen

Crochet Doomslug

The one that started it all. From our inaugural 2021 Dragonsteel convention, we present Mem's Doomslug crochet pattern!

Crocheted Doomslug

Plaster Magnetic Taynix

Sticking with Doomslug and her friends, here we share one of many uses for our Doomslug mold from our Cytoverse Fan Bundle!

Plaster Magnetic Taynix

Mini Doomslug Terrarium

When your Doomslug is too small to carry on your shoulder or even cuddle in your hand, try displaying her in a mini terrarium. Video instructions are also available!

mini Doomslug terrarium

Doomslug Finger Puppets

Teach your children about the importance of the taynix without the expense of feeding and caring for one!

Doomslug finger puppets

Crochet Mistwraith

Moving into the Cosmere, from Scadrial comes Mem's crochet Mistwraith pattern--introduced at Dragonsteel 2022!

3 Crocheted Mistwraiths

Mistborn Metal Vials Belt Pouch

For the discerning mistborn, an easy way to carry your all-important metal vials! Video instructions are also available!

Metal Vial Belt Pouch

Cosplay Metalmind

For the aspiring feruchemist, build your own metalmind* for use while trudging through the ashfalls.

Cosplay Metalmind *not made from real metal

Cosplay Soulcaster

Roshar is the home to soulcasters--devices capable of changing most anything into...well, build one* for yourself and see if you can find out!

Cosplay Soulcaster *As cosplay items, these soulcasters are incapable of using true Investiture.

Travel Journal

Do you aspire to be the greatest Worldhopper in the Cosmere? Do Khriss's exploits call to your sense of learning and understanding? Build a travel journal to match your personality and record your impressions, experiments, and hypotheses. Perhaps for posterity!

Travel Journal