Dragonsteel 2023

Badge Resell and Refund Guidelines

NOTE: This page is for informational purposes only. Dragonsteel is putting forth a good faith effort to help our fans avoid being scammed and provide direction on how Tabletop.Events works. Dragonsteel takes no responsibility or liability for improper purchase, refund, or resell of any badge, and cannot assist with transactions not directly processed through our convention site.

Be aware of scammers' attempts (and occasional successes) selling fake badges to our fans. If badges for Dragonsteel 2023 sell out, the best option is to continue to watch for badges to become available as other prospective attendees cancel and refund their badges. We are sorry, but we do not have a waitlist option to assist with this.

There are two options for an existing badge holder to return their badge and obtain a refund:

  1. Requesting a refund through Tabletop.events, or
  2. Reselling the badge and all attached merch and tickets to another individual.

Option 1: Obtaining a refund

Obtaining a refund may be done through either your My Receipts or My Conventions pages while logged in to Tabletop.events. Be sure to refund or delete any items (such as books, swag bundles, or tickets) attached to your badge before refunding the badge itself. For more information, please see the Tabletop.events refund help article. If you have any difficulties or need to refund your badge after the refund deadline, please reach out and let us know!

Option 2: Buying/Reselling your badge

There are two things which must be in place before a badge can be transferred to another person:

  1. Both the badgeholder and the individual to whom the badge will be transferred must have an active Tabletop.events account.
  2. Both Tabletop.events accounts must be connected as “friends” on TTE.

When prepared to do so, the badgeholder will go to their Friends page on TTE, find the friend they will transfer the badge to, and click the “Give” button. Choose the badge to transfer and click “Give Badge.” The badge and all associated merch and tickets will be transferred and the original badgeholder will no longer be able to see or edit anything associated with the badge.

Final notes: