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Road Through the Vale of the Gnashing Crags

Original Level 5 adventure for DCC Vale of the Gnashing Crags, home to monstrous denizens and air most foul, or so the tales go. Dare your caravan risk the journey north through this forsaken land? Your normal routes are ravaged by war, and a strange map clutched in the gnarled hands of a corpse found on the road show a path through the vale far shorter than any route around it. You are a band of mighty mercenaries. Surely if anyone can brave these long abandoned wastes, it is you.

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Vale of the Gnashing Crags

The forgotten wastes of the Vale of the Gnashing Crags sprawl wickedly in the shadows of barren rocky peaks. Long has this place been the source of tales most terrifying, tales told by the old folk of the remote, decrepit village that perches at its southern outskirts. Dark denizens of great size are said to prowl its labyrinthian paths of shattered stone, monstrous winged creatures soaring the skies overhead in search of their next meal. Tribes of lost travelers mutated by black magicks, led by mad priests stalking the wastes for sacrifices to their demon lords.

But of course, these are just stories. Tall tales told to children at night to keep them from wondering too far from the village, to outsiders so that they may go back from whence they came. They could be true, but no one knows for certain. No one dare venture into the vale to find out, and those who do never return. Maybe they make it out the other side, maybe they don't. No one in the village really cares.

But you are a band of veteran mercenaries paid handsomely to guard a caravan of fine wares and important nobles; mighty warriors and rogues, favored priests to gods of war and strength, sorcerers granted great powers by mysterious patrons. How dangerous could it possibly be to the likes of you? The path around the vale is long, and it is ravaged by a war you want no part of. Not only that, it was just yesterday that you discovered the desiccated corpse of a man on the side of the road, and clutched tightly in his gnarled hands was a mysterious map.

This map is ancient, faded ink on thick vellum. Words scrawled in a language none of you understand, but the locale it depicts is plain. This is a map of the Vale of Gnashing Crags, showing a path straight through the forgotten land, a path long rumored to exist. Here you have proof! A path far shorter than any route going north, a path that will take you to your destination. Your resolve is palpable, and your patrons that own the caravan are urging you to take them through the wastes. That is, after all, what they are paying you to do.

Vale of the Gnashing Crags is a level 4 DCC adventure that I want to test with experienced DCC players. Players may bring their own level 4 characters or choose from pre-generated ones.

My name is John Duper and I am a Judge and GM with five years experience. I regularly run one offs and am running several campaigns in a few different systems including DCC, Traveller, Savage Kingdoms III (an indie game out of my hometown of Asheville, NC written by Mike Yow), and D&D 5th edition. I am a work study at ComedySportz Philadelphia, with over two years of improv and storytelling classes as well as several live shows under my belt.