DCC Day Online 2021

DCC Day is June 26th!

This massive one-day gaming event will be a chance to connect with local players at participating retailers, pick up exclusive swag, or maybe do a little online gaming.

There’s so much going on, we’ve dedicated the whole weekend to DCC Day related programming on our Twitch channel!

In keeping with DCC Day’s new player outreach, you’ll find great tips on running introductory games, examples of 0-level funnel gameplay for DCC and Xcrawl, and a wealth of insights and ideas on how to best to both learn and teach the DCC system.

DCC DAY Weekend Twitch Schedule, June 25-27


8:00 pm EST: Zero Level Funnel Seminar

Looking for tips on how to write or run a funnel? Michael Curtis, Brendan LaSalle, Terry Olsen, and Marzio Muscedere will venture into this hazardous domain and hope to survive long enough to reveal their secrets about funnel design. Come level up with us!

9:00 pm EST: DCC Mechanics for New Players Seminar

Ed and Xuan Stanek give you the rundown on how to transition from other games to DCC. Just what makes the game different, and how can Judges make the most out of that while teaching the game to new players.


6:00 pm EST: In The Studio With Brad

Join long-time Goodman Games artist Brad McDevitt in his studio as he works on his latest piece. Brad will cheerfully share his thoughts on his techniques, tools, inspirations, and general musings on his three decades working in the gaming industry, Appendix N and weird literature, and the oddest music library in his section of Ohio.

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST: Greenwood of the Fey Sovereign 0-level Funnel Live Play

War is looming and those on the border are caught between two dangerous dynasts. Pressed into duty for lord and country, the peasants and gong farmers of Nanch find themselves in a strange and unnerving forest full of denizens older than the practice of naming. In this new world, the rules of life and death are a game of whimsy practiced by fantastic forces, and bizarre ancient feuds re-ignite in the chaos of war! Join Judge C. Aaron Kreader, Dan and Hellen Pane, John C. Cornyn, Adrian Fulmer and up to 3 added players for this 0-level funnel adventure gameplay stream designed for first time DCC players.

10:00 pm EST: Danger Strangers: The Sea Queen Escapes Live Play

Actual play stream from The Defenders of Kobold. Evil lurks beneath the ocean! For years it has slumbered, but now it rises once again, threatening to wash over the surface world like a monstrous wave. Only a handful of stalwarts stand between the nefarious schemes of the deep and a world drowned in sorrows, but first they must navigate a wizard’s sanctum, a magical prison, and the most unusual dungeon they’ve ever faced! Can they stem the tide in time or will they lose themselves forever to the Sea Change curse?


1:00 – 3:00 pm EST: DJ Foxy’s Test of Champions Xcrawl 0-level Funnel Live Play

Join DJ Foxy for an afternoon of thrills and carnage in this 0-level classic Xcrawl funnel that is perfect for players new to Xcrawl. Will new Legends be made? Tune in to Xcrawl Live on the Goodman Games Twitch channel to find out!