DCC Day Online 2021

DCC Day Online 2021


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This convention is COMPLETELY ONLINE! (Venue is simply entered for time zone information - US Eastern Daylight Time or UTC-4) Click here to see the schedule of gaming slots when available!


DCC for New and Experienced Players!

Our second annual DCC Day will be in both stores and online. The online event will be a one-day event timed to the store event. There will be dedicated tracks for both new and experienced players.

Whether you’ve been playing DCC since 2012 or have never played a game, you will have a blast! Plus there will be freebies and all-new con releases!

Thank You for Making DCC Day Online A Success -- See You Next Year! ...unless we also see you at Empire of the Cyclops Con in September, of course. More on that below...

Greetings Gamers of DCC Day Online!

We hope you had a great time rolling dice, slaying monsters, and making new online friends. This is a BIG THANK YOU from all of us to you all for making this event happen! Whether you were a player or you were a Judge, we couldn't do it without you and we're already looking forward to next time.

Pics, Pics, Who's Got The Pics...?

If you grabbed some images from your games and have the permission of everybody depicted, send 'em our way! We love seeing and showing off the fun our games and modules contribute to, along with your smiling faces -- send them to us at info@goodman-games.com

Surveys Are Coming

We are prepping a survey for all attendees, so you can tell us what worked, what made things easier for you, and what we can do even better next time. Keep half an eye on your email and please share your feedback with us.

More Online Play, Every Week!

We have an Events Calendar which features games run by many of the same Judges as ran games for DCC Day Online, and many more! Find another game to play! Find yourself running another game for fans, new and old! Take a look at upcoming games right here: The Goodman Games Events Page

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You say you want to keep on top of what's happening and what's next for all things Goodman Games? Sign up for our weekly Newsletter and get the latest on new releases, forthcoming events, behind the scenes peeks, and much more... You can sign up right here.

Empire of the Cyclops Con

Our next big online play event is Empire of the Cyclops Con, which is invading your interwebs in September! You can visit the TTE page for this right now, and start getting ready. Empire will have even more bells, whistles, and thingamajigs than DCC Day did (along with EVEN MORE GAMES), and you won't want to miss it! EmpireotCC_webGraphic_587x420_v1.png

And Once Again: Thank You For Making DCC Day Online 2021 Great!

Goodman Games on Discord

The Goodman Games Discord Server is an excellent way to keep in touch with players and Judges, with a dedicated "Online Cons Mustering Channel" and more...! You can join our Server right here!

Relaxing by the Streams

We've got a number of seminars, live play events and more on our Twitch Channel for DCC Day Online! Check them out:


Timeline of key dates:

  • DCC Day Online 6/26