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Announcing the Empire of the Cyclops Con!!

The spawn of the cyclops has grown up to be a powerful warrior. Now she leads the Empire of the Cyclops Con!

Join us and conquer!

Empire of the Cyclops Con will be happening November 5-7, 2021. Save those dates! We’ve got a great weekend we’re planning, and we want you to be a part of it!

Event Submission is now open!

Note: It looks like the TableTop Events folks have fixed the Events Submission. So feel free to try submissions now - let us know if you see anything weird or problematic!

Submission Guidelines:

We are seeking Judges to run events! You can submit your events here

Here is our preliminary schedule of gaming times available! Empire of the Cyclops Con Schedule

Please fill out all of the fields and give descriptions (there is space for an optional long description - please use that!) when submitting events you wish to run. We especially need to know your game system, and if they fit one of our special interest tracks!

Please make sure you are contacting your players early and often to confirm your online gaming method and links.

We ask for an email and an alternate contact method (such as Discord name to use on our EoCC channels) for judges, so players may contact you. For privacy, you may wish to create a different email / other contact method than your personal one to use for contacting your players - just make sure it is one you will check often, as players frequently join events at the last minute and will need to know where to log on for your event.

And once again, if you submit at least 2 events, we'll give you a badge to the convention for free!

Here’s a list of other important dates:

  • Event schedule posted 10/1.
  • Badge sales open 10/2.
  • Event pre-reg for volunteers and judges 10/3.
  • Event registration opens 10/9.
  • Last day for ticket refunds 11/4.

We’ll see you in November 2021 at Empire of the Cyclops Con!