CinCityCon 2022 TableTop Con


Quick guide for submitting RPGs

We are always looking for RPG submissions. We think conventions should be a way to let players try out new games, or maybe that game they like but can never get to the table.

Many people consider RPGs to just be high fantasy like D&D or Pathfinder, but there is a whole world universe of RPGs out there. So GMs, we encourage you to submit those games so we can show folks how diverse the worlds of RPGs can be. And players, we encourage you to be adventurous like your characters and check out some of these games!

We use standard 5-hour time slots for most games. We assume that most RPGs are going to be around 4 hours long. We have broken the days into three 5-hour time slots. We do this for few reasons:

The normal time slots are:

If you have a game that is longer or shorter or for some reason does not fit into the standard time slots, we can accommodate it.

Also, please include the system (and version if applicable) in the title of your event!