BGG.CON 2023

Welcome to your first BGG.CON!!! We're glad you're here. Since this is your first time, we have some tips and tricks to share that should help you to navigate the convention and assist with general information for this convention.

Many thanks to Marshall P. and Chris Montgomery (past BGG.CON Attendees) for these general tips. You can view the most recent thread HERE. While some details may have changed, the general tips and tricks are good ones.

Planning Your Trip: What Do I Bring? Where Do I Stay?

What to Bring?

Where Do I Stay?

Hotel Block information will be sent via News Update or Badge Verification Email.

Travel and Parking

By Air

Bringing Your Own Car

Union Station is a major transportation hub for buses and trains and is connected to the hotel via an underground tunnel.

Please review the Parking information to make appropriate arrangements and view other transportation options.


At the Hotel

Outside of the Hotel

Arrival/Departure Dates

Getting Into a Game

The focus of BGG.CON is open gaming, so you may need to step out of your comfort zone to meet new friends, but games are a common denominator, and with so many attendees, there are lots of options.

Things to DO/DON'T DO


Let us know -