BGG@SEA 2024 Canada

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Cabin Pricing

We've negotiated group pricing for a variety of cabin types. Prices below are 100% inclusive of all taxes, port fees and gratuities.

Stateroom Category Total Solo Total for 2 Total for 3 Total for 4
Interior $1,699 $2,099 $2,949 $3,699
Ocean View $1,899 $2,299 $3,149 $3,899
Balcony $2,399 $2,799 $3,749 $4,499
Junior Suite $4,399 $4,799 $5,749 $6,499
Grand Suite $9,049 $9,399 $10,199 $10,999

You can review details of each cabin type, see deck plans and determine which cabin you would like to reserve by viewing options in the Merch system.

Price Comparison: Prices directly through Royal Caribbean generally don't include the following: (which are already built into our stateroom prices)

Booking directly with Royal Caribbean or your own travel agent? Not allowed. To be part of our group, and have access to any or all of its benefits (including the ability to purchase gaming-room-access badges), you must book your cabin directly with us.


All cabin occupants must purchase a badge so that we can get you registered with the cruise line. Pricing and benefits listed below.

Badge Type Price
Adult (13+) Gameroom Badge $150
Child (4-12) Gameroom Badge $75
Non-Gamer Group Member $10

All cabin occupants must purchase a badge, either one that provides access to the dedicated gaming space and BGG Library, or simply "Non-Gamer Group Member" which still confers all the benefits of being in our group:

Non-Gamer Group Member - $10 - We are glad you are joining us. Just for being in a cabin associated with our group, you are welcome to join us for any social events that are arranged.

Game Room Access (Adult/Youth) - $150/$75 - This badge type will allow you to enter the dedicated conference room and play games from the BGG Library. You may also borrow games to play elsewhere on the ship as long as you take care of them and bring them back. These badge-holders will also be able to request 1-2 games be brought from the BGG Library.

Once again, everyone in the cabin needs a badge, ages 0-99+. We need the required information that you supply when purchasing a badge to get you confirmed with the cruise line. And the cruise line considers everyone in your cabin, no matter their age, an "occupant" - i.e. even infants count when determining the "occupancy" of the cabin, and hence the total price of the cabin.

Booking Process

Please follow the steps outlined in the How to Join BGG@SEA page to start your booking.


All payments are refundable (based on the schedule below). Full payment will be due no later than June 26, 2024.

Is today... Refund Amount
On or before 06/26/2024 100% of total price*
Between 06/27/2024 and 08/06/2024 100% of total price* less deposit
Between 08/07/2024 and 08/21/2024 50% of total price*
Between 08/22/2024 and 09/05/2024 Sorry, no refund

*less non-refundable TTE platform fees (between 4-6%)

See HERE for refund instructions or contact us directly if it is after the initial refund deadline.