BGG@SEA 2024 Canada

Review the Checklist below to see if there is anything you need to prepare ahead of time so your cruise experience can be as stress free as possible.

Passport/Visa Requirements


All guests (U.S. Citizens and non-U.S.), please review the requirements HERE


Purchase Review and Deadline

Optional Add-Ons

Review the Optional Add-Ons to purchase activities and excursions.

Travel Protection/Insurance

Group members from the USA, except the state of New York, wanting Travel Protection must purchase this through our group. This cannot be purchased from Royal Caribbean directly because of our group contract.

Travel protection, if purchased, must be purchased for EACH and every guest in the same cabin. Pricing is dependent upon the cabin type and the number of people in a cabin, and it can range from $59 per person up to $279 per person or more.

Travel Protection requires one purchase of the $10 processing fee (per cabin) and the remaining amount will be collected separately as you work with Jeff on the specific quote for your cabin. After purchasing this item, call (469) 490-0415‬ or email us directly to get an exact quote for your cabin.

NOTE: New York state residents and international guests who wish to purchase the product may visit Aon to enroll directly with Aon Affinity.

Policy details can be found HERE.


It is helpful to review the weather forecast for our port destinations, as well as the nature of your excursions to plan your packing. You may want to consider packing layers to allow for all kinds of weather and room temperatures.

Also, because this is a 2-week cruise, the cruise ship generally schedules 2-3 "formal" nights. On formal nights, dress recommendation is nicer than normal in the Main Dining Room - you'll see suits and ties, cocktail dresses, tuxedos, formal wear, etc. but also slacks and polo shirts - whatever you're comfortable with.

Dress recommendations for other nights are slacks/pants, casual, business casual, but no shorts/swimwear in the dining rooms. RCCL Dress Code

Games - We will arrange to have several games on board for everyone to play. If there are additional games you would like to play you are welcome to bring those yourself. See our Library details here for more information.

Food/Drink: What kind of food or drinks am I allowed to bring onboard? | Royal Caribbean Cruises

Prohibited Items: What Items Are Prohibited Onboard A Cruise Ship? | Royal Caribbean Cruises


Special Needs If you have any special needs that will need accommodation from the cruise line, please see here: Guest Special Needs | Royal Caribbean Cruises

If you are looking for an accessible cabin type, please contact us directly.

Royal App

We strongly recommend getting the Royal Caribbean App installed on your phone. The app provides the required emergency drill information, an up-to-date calendar of ship activities, stays on "ship time", has a map of the ship, the ability to help you book excursions and onboard activities, and has a chat feature that can be used with members of your group on the cruise ship so you don't have to use cell phone data.


The Royal App is also the preferred method for "check in" beginning 45 days before (and no later than three days before) your cruise. You can review the following Royal Caribbean FAQ's regarding the check-in process:

Royal Caribbean Account

If you have never cruised with Royal Caribbean before, please create an account on the Royal Caribbean site. Attach the cruise to your account with your booking number (see your badge information). Once your cruise booking is attached to your account you then have access to purchasing dining/drink packages, excursions, wifi packages, etc.

Your account will also have a Crown & Anchor Society number tied to it. As you cruise, you accumulate points that will increase your status and privileges in the Royal Caribbean system.

Tips and Tricks for Going Ashore