BGG@SEA 2024 Canada

Payment in Full for your cabin(s) is required by June 26, 2024.

You reserve and pay for a cabin on our cruise with two purchases:

  1. A Deposit to reserve a cabin
  2. A Remainder to make the final payment on the remaining balance.

Check each of the badges for those traveling in your cabin. (View your badges here and scroll down to the section "Merch for Badge #"). You should see a Cabin Deposit item - it will have your cabin number at the end of the "Product Name" (e.g. "Bal (4D: x-y occ) #XXXX").

If you do not also find a corresponding Cabin Remainder item (e.g. "Bal Remainder Double") in any of your badges, then you need to make the final payment for your cabin.

  1. Go to the Cabin Remainder Merch Item. The remainder to choose is based on cabin category (Interior, Balcony, etc.) and number of individuals in that cabin. For example, if you have an ocean view cabin with 3 people in that one cabin, the remainder you need to purchase is "OV Remainder (Triple)".

  2. Add the appropriate remainder to your cart and complete the checkout process. If you purchased multiple deposits (i.e. multiple cabins), each cabin requires purchase of a corresponding remainder.