Join Us for D&D Fun!

This year, you can finish up Adventurers League Season 8 with the D8 Summit.

Not only will we offer the complete season to enjoy, we will also offer a few great events. These include:

One thing we believe and put into practice at the D8 Summit is that games are best when they are ran by their authors. Last year, we invited out a number of authors, and 30% of our D&D offering were ran by their authors. This year, we are hoping to offer even more games written by their authors than last year, making the 2019 D8 Summit perhaps one of the best places to experience organized play D&D the way it should feel - like the best home game you ever had.

Another thing we believe at the D8 Summit is that our own content should be the best out there. As such, the authors for our content this year had to compete for the opportunity to write for our attendees. Play these games to see the quality.

Finally, D&D Adventurers League supports the D8 Summit mission. They have generously donated to us in the past cool swag and even exclusive and highly limited certs. Keep an eye on the silent auction tables for a chance to win one.