Virtual KoboldCon 2020

J. Halk Games Kobolds!

Because "Tucker's Kobold's" didn't seem hard enough for us. Characters are hired to rid a village of their kobold problem, but run into something unexpected. For 4-6 characters of 16th level. Pregens will be supplied if needed, though players may submit their own characters for pre-approval.

This is literally an exclusive event for Virtual KoboldCon 2020. We feel it would be a missed opportunity to NOT run our own version of Tucker's Kobolds at our first KoboldCon. This adventure is designed to show off just how lethal we can be in designing. The adventure will be run through our Discord server, which we will send invites to all attendees to communicate on characters and talk gaming in general before and during the con. All die rolls will be on the honor system.

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