Virtual Greyhawk Con 2021

Bau and GrapeApe's Guide to Online Conventions

Getting Help

The best way to get help is on our Discord: Join the Virtual Greyhawk Con Discord Server!


TableTop Events now have a "Online Convention" option which means all your events you're running or playing in are going to show up as the timezone of your computer.

The Channel Guide, however will be in Eastern:

The Week Before

DMs, if you've not reached out to your players to let them know you're getting ready, please do so immediately!

Players, if you've not heard from your DMs by Saturday, please reach out to them!

You can do this from within your events. There's a message players/host option.

Check your games and if you have any questions about how it's run or software required, contact your DM. If it's on Zoom, get your zoom updated. If it's Discord, download the full client. Give your router and computer a reboot. Come on in early on and do a voice check with Help Desk if you see someone there.

Finding Your Game

Every event has one channel for voice and one channel for text. Tabletop Events has a direct link to BOTH in every event, however, only the Text link will work. So, go ahead and click on it and it'll at least get you close to the voice channel. discord.png

You might get an error if you've not selected a Player or DM role, however, so go to the #Welcome channel and click the P or D

Running Your Game

While we don't REQUIRE games to be run on our Discord, we have BOOSTED it, so audio quality will be better than other places: Join the Virtual Greyhawk Con Discord Server!

Discord Roles

When you're on there, go to the #Welcome channel and set yourself to "Player" so you can see the gaming tables. When you're DMing, you should add the "DM" role as it will give you priority speaker. Please remove it when you're not DMing.