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Architects of the West Kingdom (Learn to Play) - Tabletopia

Build stuff to impress the king! But first, collect materials and hire skilled apprentices to be able to build the stuff! Also you'll need to retrieve some of your workforce from jail periodically...

Blocking plenty of time for rules teach + Tabletopia familarization - likely 2-2.5 hrs, not 3.

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Technical: We'll use the Discord voice and text channels assigned by the convention. If I recall correctly from earlier conventions, Tabletop.Events doesn't give an event's attendees a way to contact the host beforehand - I will monitor the Discord text channel! (which functions like a physical table, so other events will also be using it.)

While I will send a welcome email on Sunday, that will miss anyone who registers between then and time-of.

At event time, check the text channel for Tabletopia invitation info and jump in the voice channel.