Virtual Gaming Con

Many of you have used Meetups or Geeklists to schedule games at conventions. This system is very similar. If there is a game you want to play, you can "Host an Event" to schedule it.


Requirements to Host a Game

When you click on "Submit Events" under the "Host" menu item, just follow the prompts to create your event. If you have questions, please e-mail

TIPS for Hosting

1) ALL GAME/EVENT TIMES ARE IN US CENTRAL TIME ZONE (UTC-5) Please make sure you pick a game start time appropriately.

2) Allow extra time for the duration of your event to allow for technical difficulties as well as rules instruction, if needed. (If a game at a normal convention takes 2 hours to play, you may want to allow up to 3)

3) Each virtual event will be scheduled into a "Room" (Event Type) and a "Space" within that room. That "Space" designates a text and voice channel on our Discord server that will be reserved for your use during your event.

4) Be mindful of others that have been scheduled into the same channel before or after you, so that you don't interrupt them or that you end on time.

5) Message your event's Attendees through the Tabletop.Events messaging button on the event page. Messages should include information about usernames within various platforms, communication platform, game platform, work out any kinks in technology, etc. as well as any specifics related to your game such as game editions, rules errata, expansions being used, and so forth.

Tools for Hosting a Game:

Questions about hosting a game, please contact