TokenCon 2024

Indie Zone

At TokenCon again this year is our Indie Zone, which will feature independent developers demoing and selling their games.

If you are an independent developer who wants to either sell or demo your game at TokenCon, read the below for some more information.

How do I get a booth in the Indie Zone? Booths in the indie zone are only available to independent game designers. To get one, apply for an exhibitor booth, and we will automatically approve you for this zone if you are an independent game designer.

What can I do at my booth in the Indie Zone? With an indie developer booth, you can do anything you can do at a booth in the Vendor Hall—you can sell any products you want. In addition, you can demo your games, including games that you have for sale, or upcoming and prototype releases. All booths will be set up with extra chairs facing your booth to provide attendees opportunities to sit and try your games.

What are the hours of the booths in the Indie Zone? Indie Zone booths will follow the same vendor hours as the Exhibitor Hall. See our main exhibitor page for more information. After the vendors close, the scheduled tables by the Indie booths will remain open for additional game demos.

I have a prototype game, but nothing to sell. Do I need a booth? Not necessarily. We will have several tables available for indie designers that you can schedule demos of your prototype games, regardless of whether you have a booth or not. However, these spaces are limited to a max of 3 hours per day per designer. You will need a TokenCon badge to reserve these spaces, and reservations will open in January. If you would like to demo your game more often, you would be best served by securing a booth.

How do I submit a prototype game to be played at TokenCon? To submit a prototype game, just visit our submissions page when submissions open in January, and select Playtest as the event type. It will automatically be scheduled in the indie zone. Games scheduled in the indie zone become a part of our indie zone program, which rewards people who play your game and provide feedback with the opportunity to win prizes!

If you have any other questions about the indie zone, please contact us at