TokenCon 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

1) How are you reacting to this pandemic?

Your health and safety are our top priorities. We have consulted with our venue, volunteers, exhibitors, and attendees, as well as considered the guidance of health officials in developing our Covid-19 policy, which is as follows:

  1. Attendees will be required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, or must have a negative test result within 48 hours.

  2. Masks are required in all convention spaces unless otherwise specified. This includes the Exhibitor Hall, Library, Hot Games Zone, Panels, Tournament Zone, and Special Events.

  3. We understand that everyone has different levels of comfort regarding Covid-19 and mask usage, so there will be a dedicated mask-optional gaming room, allowing for scheduled gaming and open play in both mask-required and mask-optional spaces. In order to accommodate separate spaces, we have worked with the hotel to secure an additional gaming room.

It's always our goal to put on a safe convention, which is as inclusive as possible. We believe the health and safety policy described here provides the best combination of protection and comfort at this time. If you have any questions about this policy, you can email or send us a Facebook message. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us game responsibly together.

2) Could the virus cause TokenCon to be cancelled?

We certainly hope not and it seems extremely unlikely at this time. We believe the measures we have in place, together with the current trending of the virus, will provide us with a safe environment to enjoy a fantastic weekend of gaming together. However, in the unlikely event we are forced to postpone or cancel the convention, we shall make every attempt to communicate clearly and provide all badge holders with either a badge transfer or refund option.


1) What is the difference between a badge and a ticket?

A badge is required to gain access to TokenCon. It is also used to allow you to be identified, to check games out of the library, to be automatically entered into prizes draws, to win Play-to-win games, to sign up for scheduled events, and to access the various areas of the convention venue.

A ticket is the term used to describe signing up for an event. All tickets are free and will reserve your place in a game. You are only allowed one ticket per event for each badge and there are certain other restrictions on tickets to prevent accidentally double-booking yourself or reserving all the seats in games with our special guest(s).

Tickets are virtual, in that they will reserve your place, but you will not receive a physical ticket. Once your ticket has been reserved, you just show up to the event at the relevant time to be included. Please cancel tickets if you know you cannot make a scheduled event.

2) Why do some events not allow me to get tickets?

Some events are not ticketed. This is especially true of our panel discussions and special events, like the Flea Market. These types of events are open to everyone on a first come, first served basis, and we will try to accommodate everyone who is interested.

In some cases, a ticketed event may have all the places already taken. This would remove the usual "Get" button also. However, you can still click on the event and select the "Notify Me" option to be added to a waitlist. In the case of someone dropping out, you will be contacted if you are on the wait list.


1) Is the convention suitable for children?

The convention is suitable for all ages, subject to their maturity level. The extensive game library will not feature a huge selection of games specifically aimed at children and it will be up to the parent's discretion as to whether their children are sufficiently capable of enjoying the games and events available.

Also, please note we do not have any onsite childcare, so your children are your responsibility at all times.

2) May I bring my own games?

Absolutely! Although there will be an extensive collection of games available to play from the convention library, you are completely welcome to bring any of your own favorite games to play.

3) Will there be vendors at the convention?

Yes, there will be quite a few vendors at the convention. We will make more announcements regarding vendors in the near future.

4) How does the game library work?

The game library will include a large selection of board games, which will be available for you to borrow and play. You can check out as many games as you want, during the convention, as long as you check out one at a time. You will be free to browse all the titles and take your selection to the checkout desk. Your convention badge is required for checking out games.

5) Do you have a list of games in the game library?

The complete list of games available will continue to be modified right up until the date of the convention, as we try to make available the very latest 'hot' releases. We will publish the provisional game list a couple of months before the convention and try to keep it updated as changes are made. If anyone has any specific requests for games, please use any of the contact options to let us know your preferences.

6) How does Play-to-win work?

Play-to-win games may be checked out of the library like any other. However, you need to record everyone who plays the game with you for you all to have a chance to win the game in a drawing toward the end of the convention. Everyone who plays the game is eligible to win and winning one game does not make you ineligible to win another. Each drawing is random, so the more of the games you try, the more chance you have to win something.

This is a system the publishers promote in order to get their games played by as many new people as possible. They select the games for inclusion in the PTW list and determine the rules for who is eligible and how winners are selected.

7) What if I win a game and I am not present to collect it?

We appreciate there are some people who will not be at the convention the entire time or will need to leave early. We want everyone to be able to accept any prizes they win. We provide the following options in such cases:

Winners of all uncollected prize(s) will be notified by email and can choose how they would like to receive their prize(s). Any uncollected by the end of Sept 2022 will become forfeit and assumed donated to the Oklahoma Board Game Community.

8) How do tournaments work?

The standard format for our Southern Regional Championship tournaments is defined by Envoy and may vary slightly by game, in consultation with the publisher. Generally there will be a series of 3 preliminary games to reduce the field from 16 to 8, a semi-final to find the final 4 and a final table to declare the winner. This means the final table players would all play a maximum of 5 games.

Southern Regional Championship Tournament winners receive a trophy, a copy of the game, a seat at the final rounds of the US National Championship at GenCon 2022, and a free badge for GenCon 2022, along with shared accommodation (with other regional winners). All other finalists receive a copy of the game.

We may also have tournaments which are not sanctioned Southern Regional Championships. In these cases, the tournament format may be different, but should be described in the scheduled event page.


1) Is there a special room rate for the convention?

Yes. The hotel has promised their best rate for convention attendees. Please let them know you are attending TokenCon when booking to get the discounted rate. A 'Book Now' link will be provided on this website, which automatically applies the discounted rate for you, as soon as the hotel makes it available to us.

2) Is food and drink allowed in the venue?

No outside food or drink is allowed in the main game hall, but the hotel has an onsite restaurant and other snack and drink options. There are many restaurants in close proximity to the hotel also.

Vendors & Sponsors

1) Who do I contact about a vendor booth?

Please contact to discuss vendor booths or other sponsorship options. Vendor booths are expected to go on sale at in Oct.

2) I am a game designer/publisher. How do I make sure my game is in your library?

We are always happy to add more games to the convention library and help promote new titles. You may send copies of your game to include in our library or to be used in our 'Play to Win' section or giveaways. Please use any of the contact options for further details.