Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How will I receive my free TD badge and/or True Dungeon at PAX South tickets?

A1. The free TD badge is a virtual badge only. The ticketing system through currently requires a badge in order for someone to purchase tickets, so our work-around was to create a free badge so that you could purchase tickets. As such, NO BADGES WILL BE MAILED. We are using an e-ticket system for PAX South, so no tickets will be mailed either. As an attendee, you can click on the upper left at "Attend" and choose "My Tickets" to see your tickets. You can show that to us at the TD Event HQ and we will check you in - OR - we will look your name up in our system and check you in. Please make sure the name on your PAX South badge OR government issued ID matches the name you purchased your tickets under!

Q2. Can I buy tickets for friends, and if so, do they need the free TD badge?

A2. Yes, you are able to purchase multiple tickets on one free badge. If you want to assign the tickets to friends, they must have a free badge in our ticketing system. If, however, you do not want to go through that process, you can show up at TD Event HQ and check in with us and indicate that all "X" number of people in your party are present and you're ready to check in. Just make sure you get everyone together before checking in!

Q3. You've mentioned TD Event HQ several times...where exactly IS TD Event HQ located at PAX South?

A3. TD Event HQ will be located at the top of the escalators by the Stars At Night Ballroom. This is near the cantilevered balcony that provides a great view of downtown San Antonio.

Q4. Do we have to play the ticketed time or do we just show up when we're free?

A4. True Dungeon runs on a very tight time schedule, so if your ticket is for a 4:12 pm run, please arrive up to 30 minutes before 4:12 pm, as we will start your party AT 4:12 pm. If you are late to your event we cannot guarantee that we can get you into another event.

Q5. I'm not ready to pay $38 to try something new. Is there anything that I can do to experience True Dungeon at PAX South?

A5. Absolutely! Last year we did a free demo at PAX South and the response was great. That response allowed us to work out an agreement with the awesome folks at PAX to not only do two full sized 2-hour TD adventures, but we are also offering a FREE 24-minute demo. There are no tickets available for this demo. It will be very similar to last year where you walk up, wait in line, and then we'll take groups through. After you play the demo if you decide you need to try the full deal, check with TD Event HQ to see if tickets are still available for the full 2-hour adventure!

Q6. Are these all the questions you get asked?

A6. Nope! As we get more inquiries we will update this to help keep y'all informed! If you have a question that's not covered here, send an e-mail to help at true dungeon dot com and we'll be glad to help you out!