We're doing it...we're bringing KeyForge to TantrumCon!!!

We're bringing one of the hottest games on the market in a big, big way! TantrumCon will feature not one, but TWO big KeyForge tournaments!! Don't know how to play or want to increase your skills? We've got you covered there, too.

Friday, February 15: KeyForge Demos from 11AM - 2PM and from 4PM - 8PM.

We'll have an experienced KeyForge player available to teach you the game and give you some expert advice.

Saturday, February 16, 10:00 AM: Relaxed KeyForge Tournament

A "chill" and newbie-friendly tournament. You can play with any deck in any match (as long as your deck conforms to the basic KeyForge rules). The tournament will consist of at least three rounds (final number of rounds determined by number of players). The top two players at the end of the rounds will play for prizes. The winner will receive THREE ARCHON DECKS! The runner-up will receive two Archon decks! The highest scoring non-finalist will receive one Archon deck!

Sunday, February 17, 12:00 PM: Formal KeyForge Tournament with Cash Prize!

This is the big one! The winner of this tournament will receive AT LEAST $250 and FOUR ARCHON DECKS!!! The tournament runner-up will receive at least $100 and TWO ARCHON DECKS!! Wait, why "at least?" Because for every 10 entrants into the tournament, we're increasing the first place cash prize by $50 and the second place prize by $10! For every 20 entrants into the tournament, we're going to add one Archon deck to both prizes! So make sure you tell everyone and bring your friends...these prizes could get HUGE!

For this tournament, we'll be following the "Formal" tournament rules which can be found here: KeyForge Tournament Rules.* The number of rounds will be determined by the number of players. The top two players will move on to a championship match played using the Adaptive variant format (for more information, see KeyForge Formats and Variants).

*Note: tournament rules can be updated at any time, so please make sure you access the most recent version of the tournament rules. Per tournament rules, you will be responsible for providing your own Archon decks and tokens at the tournaments. Archon decks and/or KeyForge starter sets may or may not be available for sale at TantrumCon based on available supply and demand.