Tabletop Adventure Game Fest

Event Info

Here are some events that will be happening at the Tabletop Adventure Game Fest.

Warsaw Area War Gaming

Tabletop Wargame Demos

Deadzone- Demos will be 2 hours at a time - Free

8:30 am - 8:30 pm . First come first serve.

Battle Tech

Warhammer 10th Edition -1 hour demonstrations at a time. First Come First Serve.

Individual Dungeon Masters

Role Playing Games

Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Dungeons and Dragons 5e more kid friendly.

Possibly Folklore The Affliction

Possibly Call of Cthulhu

Gauntlet Games

Dragon Ball Super

TCB Games Huntington


11:00 Poorcana: Lorcana common only event 15.00 entry -Enchanted card for 1st and booster packs for top 4 players

3:00 Street rat Lorcana: Common and Uncommon only constructed Entry $20.00

Magic The Gathering

Draft all day. 3 formats

2:00 Mox Diamond CEDH tournament. Head to head format $40.00 entry LOTR pack prizes for top 8. Must have 25 players for top prize (Mox Diamond).

11:00 am through all Day: Sealed Wilds of Eldrain Pre Release Kit guaranteed. $35.00 entry, 2 set pack per win, with 3 rounds

Nicodemus Enterprises

Disney's Lorcana

Learn to Play - Free

Tournament - Started Deck - Cost $35


Learn to play

Tournament - Build Draft and Battle - Cost $25


Learn to Play - Free

Tournament - Structure Deck - Cost $20

Christian Adventure Gamer / Healing Road LLC

Board Games

Demo of Wandering Towers

Play to Win A Goofy Movie Game

Play to Win Sushi Go!

Play to win Disney's Happiest Day

Play to win Gimme That!

The Healing Road LLC will also be hosting a raffle and Silent Auction.

The Warsaw Public Library

Will be running events that are family friendly

They be hosting Raffles and story time every hour from 9 am to 5pm

The Board Game Rundown

Will be running their own raffle at the event!