ReCon 2022 - A ReMarkable Tabletop Gaming Experience

List of Participating Games

Animals in Espionage (Twin City Games)

Antiquity Quest (Grandpa Beck Games)

Battle for Souls (Robert Burke Games)

Between Two Cities (Stonemaier Games)

Big Bad Overlord (Big Bad Ideas)

Big Easy Busking (Weird Giraffe Games)

Bravo (Stronghold Games)

Cabo (Bezier Games)

Cover Your Kingdom (Grandpa Beck Games)

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea (Thames & Kosmos)

Crossed Words (Indie Boards and Cards)

Cthulhu: The Great Old One (Dan Kriss Games)

The Deadlies (Smirk & Dagger Games)

Dealt (AMIGO Games)

The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged (Brotherwise Games)

Dreadful Circus (Portal Games)

Finger Guns at High Noon (Indie Boards and Cards)

Galaxy Trucker (Czech Games Edition)

Hero Realms (White Wizard Games)

Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write (Portal Games)

Maeshowe: An Orkney Saga (Dragon Dawn Productions)

Meeple Party (9th Level Games)

MicroMacro: Crime City (Pegasus Spiele)

Million Dollar Script (Portal Games)

Mystic Paths (R & R Games)

Night of the Ninja (Brotherwise Games)

Out of This World (Devir Games)

Outback (R & R Games)

Pendulum (Stonemaier Games)

The Plan (R & R Games)

Port Royal: Big Box (Pegasus Spiele)

The Red Dragon Inn 8: Pub Crawl (Slugfest Games)

Rolling Realms (Stonemaier Games)

Saboteur (AMIGO Games)

Silk (Devir Games)

Silver Bullet (Bezier Games)

The Silver River (Robert Burke Games)

Sixpence Bakery (Dan Kriss Games)

Skull King (Grandpa Beck Games)

Spicy Dice (Enginuity LLC)

Studies in Sorcery (Weird Giraffe Games)

Tavern Masters (Dan Kriss Games)

That's A Question (Czech Games Edition)

Theomachy: The Ancients (Petersen Games)

Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy Roll and Write (Adam's Apple Games)

Ubongo 3D (Thames & Kosmos)

Unexploded Cow (Greater Than Games)

Wizbang (Big Bad Ideas)

2 Minute Dino Duel (Petersen Games)