Protospiel Online January 2021

Night at Higsley Manor Puzzle Hunt

Brainstorm ways to incorporate the story and characters from our murder mystery party concept Night at Higsley Manor into a cooperative puzzle scavenger hunt lead by a party host/game master.

Night at Higlesy Manor has been in development for about 7-8 years and has served as the main theme and story for all our different murder mystery party formats.

Recently, I tried a new type of party with a different theme. This time, instead of pitting guests against one another with a murderer in their midst, I created a villain who was antagonizing them. I served as the puzzle master who knew the villain's secrets. I sent them on a puzzle scavenger hunt around our house to collect their party favors. Both I and my guests thoroughly enjoyed the party, so I think it will be my new direction once in-person parties are happening again.

The one drawback to the party was that my guests didn't have meaningful roles to play as specific characters. If possible, I would still like the characters we created for Night at Higsley Manor see the light of day. I need ideas for integrating characters into a puzzle scavenger hunt.

Designer Heather Newton
Development Status New
Expected Play Time 60 minutes
Number of Players 2 to 6
Intended Audience Casual
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