Protospiel MN 2024


These great companies make sure you have the best possible experience at Protospiel Minnesota. Thank you all for your continued support of this amazing gaming community!

Beverage Sponsors
Leder Games Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, we are a spunky indie board game publisher with asymmetric tendencies. We strive to make exciting, narrative driven games that are fun to play while being artistically and socially conscious. We are best known for publishing the following acclaimed games: Vast: The Crystal Caverns, Vast: The Mysterious Manor, Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right, Fort, Ahoy, and Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile.
Floodgate Games Floodgate Games is a tabletop games publisher that loves creating Everlasting Experience Through Gaming. From our award-winning modern-classics like Sagrada where players puzzle out crafting stained glass windows with dice, and Fog of Love where you navigate the celebrations and challenges of a romantic comedy relationship, to the hit family game Kites that has players working together playing cards and flipping sand timers to never let a kite crash... we love when your gaming table is overflowing with joy! With all that light fun, we don't shy away from head-to-head competion with our 20-minutes Series: Blitzkrieg!, Caesar!, and Dogfight! all bringing the thrill of a war game to your table in no time at all. Find out more about these and our other unique games over at!
Fight in a Box Fight in a Box believes in the power of laughter & storytelling to bring people together. They have published 6 games in 10 years, 5 of which are Protospiel MN alumni.
Standard Sponsors
Card Cleaver Coming Soon to Kickstarter: Card Cleaver, a handy tool to cut a sheet of paper into 9 standard size cards.
Left Justified Studio & Prolific Games At Left Justified Studio & Prolific Games, we believe playing tabletop games is just about the most fun you can have with your family and friends.
Paverson Games Paverson Games is an indie board game publisher located in Wisconsin, focusing on rich, thematic, and aesthetic game experiences rooted in medium-weight mechanics and strategy. In addition to Distilled and the upcoming Luthier, Paverson Games has also created numerous video games and interactive historical experiences, including the award-winning Tombeaux.
Dead Alive Games Since 2018, Dead Alive Games has aimed to design and publish high quality games that are inclusive and representative of the diverse gaming community they belong to.
Sporktopia Games Sporktopia Games is a local Minnesota company that designs tabletop games with the goal of bringing people together by delivering quality games to facilitate social connections.
Atlas Games Publishers of tabletop board games, card games and roleplaying games. Our Replay Workshop is focused on developing new products and manufacturing techniques for recycled plastics.
The Game Crafter The Game Crafter offers game designers an easy-to-use system to make a board game, card game, or custom playing cards. Free templates, instructions, videos, and proofing tools are available to help people create quality products.
Games by James Games by James is based in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. We strive for welcoming stores with friendly staff and a wide selection of games. We want to share our love of games with everyone; our stores should have something for everyone.
Bingo Sponsors
Dead Alive Games Since 2018, Dead Alive Games has aimed to design and publish high quality games that are inclusive and representative of the diverse gaming community they belong to.
Tower Games Tower Games offers a curated selection of the best board games, collectible card games, and miniatures games in South Minneapolis.
AlishaDoesArt AlishaDoesArt is a small, female owned publisher and freelance company that provides both graphic design, illustration and consultation services along side their games found in several MN based game stores.
Meeeple Established in 2022, Meeeple is a cutting-edge animation studio dedicated to bringing board games to life through high-quality 3D trailers and logo animations. We invite board game designers to collaborate with us, transforming their visions into captivating animated experiences. Join us in creating memorable animations that leave a lasting impact worldwide.
All Us Geeks We discuss board games, movies, television, books, comics, Kickstarter, and all aspects of geek culture. All Us Geeks likes to explore all the geeky goodness out there. We give voice to your inner geek.
Zovu LLC Zovu LLC is a local Minnesota game designer. His game, Frozen Shinies, is on Kickstarter now as part of the Jewels for the Emperor Penguin campaign.
Looking For Greatness LLC Looking For Greatness LLC is a Game Design and Creative Consultant that specializes in Personal Communications. Our goal is to help game developers better voice their games to communities through inclusive playtesting, awareness through events, and pitch coaching.
Tesseray Games Tesseray Games
Overthink Games Trevor Kirchner from Overthink Games. A Minnesota designer creating simple to play games with deep complexity.

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You can purchase one of our three available sponsorship levels from the Get Your Badge page, or contact us directly if you'd like to sponsor at a different level.

Beverage Sponsorship

The beverage sponsorship allows us to provide coffee for our attendees.

Standard Sponsorship

The standard sponsorship allows us to provide on-site materials such as wanted player flags, hand sanitizer, etc.

Bingo Sponsorship

The bingo sponsorship is a promise that you will provide at least $50 worth of good that can be used as prizes in the bingo game at the convention that our attendees can win.