Protospiel Indy 2022

Pirate Lords of the Southern Seas

Area Majority; Worker Placement; Asymmetric Player Factions; Imagine El Grande and Root decided to set sail.

As a Pirate Lord of the Southern Seas use your Captains to command your fleet. Gain Notoriety by controlling territory on the board but remember not to neglect your own secret stash of Doubloons! Gain Doubloons by smuggling goods for the local islands or for finding treasure. Your Captains will accept Doubloons as a Bribe to put in extra effort fighting on your behalf. Careful though, if you become too notorious other pirates may turn bounty-hunter to increase their own reknown. A competitive game with direct player interaction, it plays in about 2 hrs. including teaching and learning time. Variations for all player counts between 2-6 players have been designed.

Designer wtheisen
Development Status Middling
Expected Play Time 120 minutes
Number of Players 2 to 6
Intended Audience Medium
Interest Level {{}} players

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