Protospiel Indy 2022

Protospiel Indy 2022


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Noblesville, Indiana


Hamilton County Fairgrounds

2003 Pleasant St, Noblesville, IN 46060, USA

Time zone: America/New_York (UTC {{ '2022-05-20 12:00:00' | timezone_offset: 'America/New_York' }})

  Driving Directions

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  (317) 776-0854

Please enter the Hamilton County 4-H Fairgrounds at the main entrance, just east of the roundabout at 19th and Pleasant Street. Parking in the lot is free. We are in the Annex building, which is the second building on your right as you enter the lot.

Protospiel Indy Logo

Protospiel Indy 2022!

The country's best game design convention is returning to Indianapolis for its third year!

If you are a tabletop game designer seeking professional-level feedback, this is where you want to be. You'll learn from dozens of other designers as they playtest your designs and you playtest theirs. You'll make friends with fun and interesting people and help each other succeed.

If you're a gamer who likes to try new things, Protospiel is amazing. You'll try out dozens of new designs in a single weekend. And your input will help shape them before they hit store shelves or launch on Kickstarter.

How Does It Work?

Protospiel is a casual event where you bring your board or card game prototype to be playtested by amateur and established game designers, playtesters, and publishers in a supportive, cooperative environment. It's the best possible way to find where your game needs work and how to make it even better. And collaborating with other game designers to improve each others' games is the best possible way to grow your skill as a game designer.

Don't worry too much about the appearance of your prototype: it isn't as important as how it plays. Some prototypes you'll see will be polished and nearly ready to publish. But others will be thrown together on the spot from free prototyping materials provided by The Game Crafter. Either way, add your game to the Prototypes list and we'll help you make it great!

What makes Protospiel work is for designers to share their time and expertise by playing each other's games. For example, if three designers playtest your game, you should try to play three other designer's games before the event ends. This isn't a formally enforced rule, but the event works best for everyone when people follow it.

Other than that, there's not much structure: Show up, introduce yourself, sit at a table, play some games. There are no scheduled events, just a room full of tables for people to share. Check the Prototypes list for designs that you particularly want to try, but be prepared to try anything. Take some time to chat, and grab a meal with some other folks whenever it's convenient. Go to sleep when you're tired and come back the next day.

If you want to help designers improve games in any state of development, Protospiel is for you. If you want lots of informed insight on how to improve your game design and grow as a game designer, Protospiel is for you. If you just want to promote your completed game and maybe get some market feedback, you're probably thinking of a different event.

Additional Info

The Protospiel Milwaukee website has an informative FAQ page.

The Protospiel group on Facebook is a great place to connect with Protospiel enthusiasts. has info about various regional Protospiels.

The Published Protospiels list on BoardGameGeek lists over 100 published games that were playtested at Protospiel events.

Also, if you're in the Indianapolis area, join the Indy Tabletop Game Creators! We meet to playtest at least once a month, usually on the third Saturday afternoon.


To attend Protospiel Indy 2022, you must provide proof of vaccination from COVID-19 at the door. Either a state vaccination card or a photo of such a card will be accepted. If you are not vaccinated do not come or you will be turned away. No refunds will be processed for turning away people who do not provide proof of vaccination.

At sign-in you will also be required to indicate that you agree to comply with the policies of the convention. Please read them here before you arrive.

Badges & Pricing

Here are the prices for attending Protospiel Indy:

  • Designer 3-Day Badge - $65, or $55 if you register by May 5th!
  • Designer Sunday-Only Badge - $15
  • Playtester 3-Day Badge - $15
  • Publisher Badge - If you have published a game which you did not design, contact us to request a free badge.
  • Sponsor Badge - Contact us about opportunities to promote your brand.
  • Press Badge - Contact us to request a free badge.

Tabletop.Events fees will be added to all badge prices.

A limited number of badges will be available for purchase at the door with cash or credit card. Checks will not be accepted.


Protospiel Indy 2022 will be held in the Annex building at the Hamilton County 4-H fairgrounds in Noblesville, Indiana. Outside food is allowed, but there is a strict no-alcohol policy. There are several restaurants nearby. Parking is free.


The event will run according to the traditional Protospiel structure, which is open design, collaboration, and play testing:

  • Friday 8am-6pm - Registration open
  • Friday 11:45pm - Doors close for the day
  • Saturday 8am-3pm - Registration open
  • Saturday 11:45pm - Doors close for the day
  • Sunday 8am-1pm - Registration open
  • Sunday 4pm - Convention ends


These great companies make sure you have the best possible experience at Protospiel Indy.

The Game Crafter The Game Crafter (TGC) is the world’s first web-to-print game publishing company and offers a print on demand game publishing service. TGC empowers game designers around the world by allowing them to make a board game, card game, and custom playing cards through a website. They are a long-time supporter of many Protospiels.

Indie Boards & Cards Indie Boards & Cards publishes great games like Aeon's End, The Resistance, and Flash Point: Fire Rescue. They are a returning sponsor this year.

The Game Preserve The mission of The Game Preserve is to delight our customers and attract new ones by operating game stores which offer outstanding selection, expertise, and organization, and which practice kindness as their most important value. They are a returning refreshment sponsor this year.

Kolossal Games The mission of Kolossal Games is to create memorable experiences for families and friends to connect and to give designers and artists the means for their creations to shine in a welcoming and collaborative environment. They are returning as a refreshment sponsor this year.

Indy Tabletop Game Creators Indy Tabletop Game Creators is a group based out of central Indiana that helps game designers and play testers to create great tabletop games together. They organize Protospiel Indy.


These publishers will be attending Protospiel Indy!

Stratamax Games Stratamax Games publishes great games like Tammany Hall, Airborne Commander, and Days of Steam.