Attending Publishers for 2020

Protospiel Denver has been very lucky to get a great response from publishers both local and out-of state for our inaugural year. Check out our list of attending publishers below and keep an eye out for them -- both at Protospiel and around the wider board game world.

Active Magic

Active Magic Games has one goal: bringing the highest caliber games to the gaming public. Our first game design done in studio, Hellenica: Story of Greece, raised over $167,000 and shipped to backers in October, 2019. We are passionate. We are dedicated. We are relentless. We bring ACTIVE MAGIC to board games!


Interested in publishing

We are looking for all types of games to add to the portfolio at this time

Not interested in publishing

Less interest in party games.

Argyle Games

Founded in Chicago in 2015 to bring small-volume independent board and card games to life. argyle-sm.png

Interested in publishing

Smaller box casual games with a light or abstract theme that play in under 45 minutes and have a small table footprint.

Not interested in publishing

Dark or "mature" themed games, games that play over an hour, or large-box games.

Mr. B. Games

Mr. B. Games is a publisher of board games and card games since 2005. mr_b_bag_logo_300x300.png

Interested in publishing

Board games and card games with unique theme and mechanics.

Not interested in publishing

Children's games

Pangea Games

Pangea Games is a publishing company focused on creating big worlds in small boxes. Publications include War Co. and Tasty Humans. Pangea-Games-Logo-sm.jpg

Interested in publishing

Small box games with lots of depth, but also willing to hear about anything that stands out.

Thunderworks Games LLC

Thunderworks Games is a small board and card game publisher founded in 2013 out of Madison, Wisconsin. We are dedicated to designing and publishing original and innovative games with amazing artwork and high-quality components.


Interested in publishing

45-75 min mid-weight euros.

Not interested in publishing

Dexterity, Social Deduction, Cooperative

Toresh Games

We are a relatively new game publisher (10 titles so far). Our goal is to get people together, to have fun, and to increase interpersonal communication through enjoyable and exciting board and card games.


Interested in publishing

Family Friendly games, Standard Euro and American

Not interested in publishing

RPGs, Pencil Games, games with extensive miniatures.