Philadelphia Area Gaming Expo

Mission Statement

Having recognized that individuals who have worked in the gaming industry often meet financial hardships later in life due to lack of pensions or benefits programs provided to employees of the hobby/gaming industry, the Philadelphia Area Gaming Expo (“PAGE”) endeavors to provide financial help to these individuals and longtime gamers or supporters of the hobby through the creation of the Gamer Assistance Program (“GAP”).

To this end, the PAGE convention has applied for and received 501c3 charitable status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Grant Program

The GAP shall provide grants to assist members of the RPG community who find themselves in need of financial assistance, due to health, calamity or other hardships. Trustees shall approve materials to be used in providing notice of the grant program and any application or other required forms.

How We Raise Funds

The Board of Trustees shall endeavor to help raise funds for the GAP. Among other activities that may be approved from time to time, the net auctioneer fees and buyers’ premiums from the PAGE convention’s auction, the net proceeds of auction items donated by individuals and manufacturers, along with any direct financial donations received, will be deposited and held in the GAP segregated account.


GAP grants shall be available to the following people: (a) game industry writers, designers, artists and other professionals, (b) owners and employees of game industry publishers or retail shops, and (c) longtime gamers or supporters of the hobby.

GAP grants are available for reimbursement or direct payment of the following expenses: (a) rent or lease payment to avoid eviction; (b) debt payment to avoid foreclosure; (c) home repairs necessary for health and safety; (d) vehicle repairs; (e) medical bills not covered by insurance and applicable government programs; or (f) other similar expense, subject to the approval of the Board.

Evaluation of eligibility may be determined in the discretion of each Trustee, when voting to approve or decline a request.

Grant Size

Taking into consideration the current and projected size of the GAP’s available funds, the Trustees shall determine the appropriate size of grants, including when determined appropriate, the maximum amount per recipient in a given calendar year.

Grant Review

The GAP Trustees will review grant requests at a meeting called for such purpose at least twice each year. A Trustee or other individual who is a volunteer, staff or active participant in the PAGE convention may nominate a person they know to be in need and otherwise eligible. Materials of all applications or requests received will be provided to the Trustees together with the notice of the meeting where the grants will be awarded. Grant approval shall require approval from a majority of the Trustees, and each grant shall be considered and voted on separately.

Issuing Grants

The Trustees shall determine whether to fund each grant request and the amount to award (up to 100% of the amount requested). Grant applicants shall be notified of decisions, and if needed provided with any form or paperwork required prior to issuance of funds. The Chair shall deliver funds to recipients once any required paperwork has been received.