Mythic Con 2023

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Mythic Con is excited to announce that we have partnered with Double Exposure’s Envoy program to offer our attendees a chance to play, and win, some fantastic board games! All you have to do is play the game, and then you, and everyone who played with you, add your name to the log sheet. It’s that simple! We will have a drawing to announce the winners on Sunday afternoon.

Bravo! – Stronghold Games - BGG

Bug Off – R&R Games – Instructions

Cabo: The Elusive Unicorn Card Game Deluxe Edition – Bezier Games - Rulebook

Cat in the Box – Bezier Games – How to Play

Claim It! – Wattsalpoag Games – Rulebook

Coup – Indie Boards & Cards – How to Play

Crossed Words – Indie Boards and Cards - How to Play

Darwinning – Dragon Dawn Productions - Rulebook

Dealt! Don’t Touch Those Cards – AMIGO Games – How to Play

Disney's Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances – The OP Games – How to Play

Ferret Out - R & R Games Incorporated - Instructions

Four Humors – Adams Apple - Playthrough

Gift of Tulips - Weird Giraffe Games - Rulebook

Hasty Baker – Go Chuckle - How to Play

High Score - Challenge Accepted – Thames & Kosmos - How to Play

Inside Job - Thames & Kosmos - Rulebook

Jack Labrador: The Card Games - The Completion Deck - Jack Labrador Games - How to Play

Jet Set - Wattsalpoag Games - How to Play

Luck the Game – Breaking Games – How to Play

Luna Capital – Devir Games - How to Play

Mansplaining - Breaking Games

Marvel Dice Throne – The OP Games & USAopoly – How to Play

Reign of Dragoness – Grandpa Beck’s Games – How to Play

Savernake Forest - Devier Games - How to Play

Silver Bullet – Bezier Games – Rulebook

Skull King – Grandpa Beck's Games – How to Play

Smash Up: Disney Edition – The OP Games – How to Play

Spicy Dice – Enginuity – How to Play

Studies & Sorcery – Weird Giraffe Games – Runthrough

The Deadlies - Smirk and Dagger Games - Rulebook

The Plan - R & R Games Incorporated - Instructions

The Spill - Smirk and Laughter Games - How to Play

Toil & Troublez – Grandpa Beck’s Games – How to Play

Thrive - Adam's Apple Games - How to Play

What the Heck – Amigo – Rules