Mythic Con 2023


Gaming is an inclusive hobby, and gaming at Mythic Con is open to all attendees who uphold a culture of respect toward all their neighbors. We ask everyone to be mutually accountable to maintain an enjoyable convention for everyone.

Your badge must be worn at all times.

We expect all guests to act as responsible and respectful members of our gaming community. Though we understand that people can make mistakes or get caught up in the moment, Mythic Con is a place designed to be inclusive and welcoming for everyone. We will not tolerate behavior that is harmful to our guests, staff, volunteers, vendors, our environment, and our culture. While you are here, speak kindly to and about each other. No insulting, illegal, abusive, lewd, aggressive, damaging or destructive behavior. If you are having a momentary lapse of reason, Mythic Con staff may ask you to leave.

Mythic Con actively operates under the belief that everyone deserves a convention experience free of harassment. This applies to all attendees, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, religious affiliation, disability, physical appearance, or other factors. Harassment will not be tolerated in any form, so please be kind.

Gamers are a great group of people but there are always those that ruin it for everyone. Please watch your stuff and keep it with you. Mythic Con is not liable for any loss.

Chances are, we will take your picture. Maybe you will know, maybe not. We take lots of pictures. Video also. It doesn’t hurt, but you should know that you may end up in print or on social media etc.

Purchasing a badge constitutes acceptance of these rules and agreement to comply with decisions made by Mythic Con staff during the event.

Flyers or promotional items must be reviewed and approved by Mythic Con before being distributed.

In summary, be kind and respectful, be prepared, show up to the table on time, and most importantly, have fun and make new friends!