MoonCityCon 2024 - Undertow

There is little Rick, Ben and Katherine like better than to be able to get a game to the table with minimal fuss – hence their love for gaming inserts!!! I imagine the rest of you enjoy this as well. That’s why this year, for the first time MoonCity Con is offering with their premium upgrades – a choice of 3d printed inserts! Now you too can enjoy a better game setting up and storing experience! Titles currently available include:

Don’t see what you want on the list? Email for additional options or special requests!

Don’t really want a game insert? You can opt for some commemorative nesting trays that are great to hold bits/money/etc… for a variety of games!

Only 20 of these premium upgrades will be available – and must be purchased, and insert decided on no later than April 10 th for delivery to this year’s MoonCity Con!

Remember – badges go on sale February 14 th – and if you purchase before March 14 th , you’ll get a 25% discount! (Use it to get the premium upgrade – which in addition to the insert, includes a tShirt – another gaming day in the fall, and a commemorative pint glass!)

Happy Gaming!!!