MoonCityCon 2024 - Undertow

Types of Badges We have a single Gamer badge this year for $60. You are still able to add on extras to this badge. But each badge gets you:

Badge v. Ticket A badge is what gets you into the convention and access to items listed above. A ticket is a seat at the table for a specific game or event. This will generally be used for Attendee Scheduled Games, or events in which there is a limited seating (ie - Battling Tops). Note that tickets are free for all events at MoonCity Con. So even though the Tabletop.Events (TTE) system may say "Buy Tickets" in various places, it really means "reserve"/"get" - there are not additional costs over the Badge purchase.

Badges/Tickets for friends You are allowed to purchase badges for you and your friends/family on your TTE account. Please review the Friend System for purchasing and giving badges to your friends/family.

Please note: If your friends/family members do not have TTE accounts, you will need to "buy" any tickets for attendee scheduled games.

Badge Transfers

Badges are non-sharable. They are fully transferrable via the Friend system. Please note the Badge Edit Deadline is June 14, 2024. Badges transferred after this date will not have the correct name printed.

NO Day-Passes

No Day-Pass badges are available. The registration fee is the same whether you come for one day or the whole convention. See pricing above.