Midwest GameFest Online 2023

Guest Panel: The Horror GMs Toolkit **STREAMED**

Every good GM has a set of tools they can call upon during play. These panelists represent some of the best Horror RPG designers and GMs and will walk through what specialty tools belong behind everyone's screen.

Panelists: Jon Hook, writer of Call of Cthulhu content; Tommy Sunzenauer, writer of Mork Borg and Obscure content; Greg Harris, writer of Mothership content; and Danny Grimes, horror GM and designer specializing in Call of Cthulhu Convention Play. Hosted by Zac Goins, writer of Hannibal, Mork Borg, Vast Grimm, Mothership, and 5e content.

This is a streamed event at https://twitch.tv/midwestgamefest live.

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