Midwest GameFest Online 2023

Glitch Jockeys

You were one of the best, an elite gamer with few peers. Naturally, you were intrigued by the rumors of an unbeatable, glitchy puzzle of a game, "Shards of the Cyberverse." But nothing prepared you for the message it contained when you finished it: "Congratulations, Glitch Jockey. Now I need your help to save the world."

Glitch Jockeys follows a crew of players who are empowered to chase the impossible across the internet, slotting themselves in and out of various video games and taking on new in-game personas to help their mysterious benefactor save the world. But while you juggle retro platformers and AAA action titles, how much do you really know about your fellow jockeys? And for that matter, are you sure you can trust the source behind your instructions?

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OG-3 in Open Gaming
More Information https://nerdhausgames.com
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