Midwest GameFest Online 2023

Crisis: Two Bullets Til Payday **STREAMED**

It was supposed to be an easy score: the team came highly recommended, the Intel was bullet-proof, and the score was substantial (but not so outlandish that it was suspicious…). It helps that Anodyne Macrosystems absolutely had it coming. So why does it feel like a trap now that you're here?

Crisis is a game of escalating stakes, racing against disaster to tell a story together. Players fill in the major points at the beginning of the session. You’ll explore those plots, people, and places in detail during the scenes that follow. Each timed scene features a player character designated the Protagonist whose story is told for that scene. Another player is their Foil, putting obstacles in their way to test them and show us what they are capable of. Every player in Crisis is both a character and a game master. At the end of every scene, one of the major complications lurking on the horizon draws nearer: crisis clocks keep ticking closer to various dooms and dilemmas defined by the scenario. If one of them strikes, it can spell disaster for future scenes. By the end of the scenario, either the group will have time left on their clocks and celebrate their victory together, or embrace the tragedy of their Crisis.

This is a streamed event. Signing up for this event means that you have a webcam, will have your webcam turned on for the event, and that you are comfortable with the audio and video from your video and audio devices being streamed live on Twitch and recorded for future use.

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