Midwest GameFest Online 2023

Dread: A Haunting We Will Go **STREAMED**

It’s Halloween night, but this will be the last time you and your fellow teenage friends can go out Trick-or-Treating. Some of you are moving away and some have been told they are too old next year to be allowed to go. So you are going to make the best of it. You are going to hit every house in the neighborhood even if it KILLS you. This will be the biggest haul of your life. You have the perfect costume and your gang is going to trick or treat 'till you drop DEAD.

Dread is a rules light horror roleplaying game that uses Jenga instead of dice. You will be taking on a character in a deadly situation, but where there is fear, there is hope.

Content warning: violence, horror

Gameplay focus: roleplaying, storytelling

We will build characters at the table.

New player friendly, Rules taught, No experience needed.

This is a streamed event. Signing up for this event means that you have a webcam, will have your webcam turned on for the event, and that you are comfortable with the audio and video from your video and audio devices being streamed live on Twitch and recorded for future use.

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More Information https://www.tiltingatwindmills.net/games/dread/
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