Midwest GameFest 2024


Pregens provided. If you're interested in trying out Zweihander, we'll also be running short demos in the main exhibit hall all weekend!

“Knives in the Night” is a location-based survival horror adventure for ZWEIHÄNDER Reforged, ideal for newcomers and veterans alike. Inspired by films such as “The Warriors” and the TV show “Sopranos,” this 2-hour session thrusts you into the role of a medieval gang looking to get their comeuppance against their rivals.

The story begins at your gang’s hideout and leads to the Ramshackles, an ominous dockyard in the ancient city of Kahabro. The players must be quick-witted and move beneath the cover of night to exact their revenge before the Legate, the police force of the city, arrests them all.

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Table 12 in Main Hall (Elements Ballroom)
More Information https://zweihander.games/
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