Midwest GameFest 2024

Battletech Alpha Strike Tournament

Battletech Alpha Strike Tournament: Midwest Spring Alpha Strike!

Our 3-round Battletech Alpha Strike 1v1 point-based tournament will be on Thursday evening. Player registration will begin at 6:00pm, with the first round beginning at 6:30pm. Play will proceed for three rounds.

Tournament Director: Donald Dell Lewis III (donaldthedm@yahoo.com)

Army: Players will bring a 150 Point Lance to participate in a 1v1 point-based tournament. A margin of +/- 5 Points will be permitted for Lance Unit Lists. There will be no pilot cards, no modified units, no quirks and no custom units. Unit Cards must either be pre-printed from an official box set, or be printed from the online Master Unit List as written. For this tournament no aero-space units, no structure units and no hidden units will be permitted.

Mechanics: Players will be paired randomly and compete in up to 45-minute rounds, or until one player is eliminated. Players will score points based on the total value of units destroyed combined with the total value of their own surviving units. No points will be awarded for damaged units, and withdrawn units will count as eliminated.

Players will alternate placing pieces of terrain on their shared board until both players have placed at least three pieces of terrain. Terrain may not be placed in deployment zones. Players will roll to determine which side of the board they start on.

Except where otherwise noted, normal Alpha Strike rules apply, as printed in the official Commander’s Edition rule book.

There are only 16 spots available!

Prizes: Certificates and cash will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place: $60/$30/$10; additional prize support based on number of participants. Bring your friends!

Prize support provided by our friends at ReRoll Tavern, Kansas City’s premiere Board Game Bar and Pop‑Up Venue.

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Table 81, Table 82, Table 83, Table 88, Table 89, Table 90, Table 96, Table 97, Table 98 in Tournaments (Water Room)
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