LexiCon Tabletop Game Convention - 2022

Settlers of Catan

Welcome to the National Catan Qualifier 2022 at LexiCon. We are lucky to have our own past winner, Matt Erxleben running the event again. Matt does an extraordinary job hosting this tournament! LexiCon will supply additional prizes to the top four finalist. A Weekend or Fri./Sun. badge are also required for this event.

The Qualifier Champion will win a guaranteed seat at the CATAN US National Championship 2022. The CATAN United States Champion will be flown to Malta in 2022 to compete in the next CATAN World Championship. Got questions? Want a copy of the rules ahead of time? Email donna@catanstudio.com You can find more information here: https://www.catanstudio.com/events/catan-world-championship/united-states-2022/

If you are not signed in and ready to play by 9:30am, you can lose your spot without refund.

NOTE: All participants must be US Citizens/Permanent Residents and be 18+ years of age. Winners of 2020-2022 season Qualifier Tournaments are not allowed to play in additional Qualifier events leading up to the next World Championship without first relinquishing their qualified seat.

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Where & When (local to convention) Sunday from {{ '2022-04-03 13:30:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }} to {{ '2022-04-03 20:20:00' | amDateFormat: clock_format }}
T01, T02, T03, T04, T05, T06 in Tournaments
More Information https://www.catanstudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/CNOP-Kit-Tournament-Rules-2021.pdf
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