Impossible Realities March to Oblivion 2023

COVID Guidance (In-Person ONLY)

As convention time is quickly approaching (~7 weeks) we’ve been faced with a discussion around COVID procedures. In order to ensure the safety of our attendees and organizers, we will be using the COVID policies adopted from other conventions below:

Self-Screening Questions

Attendees should not attend the convention if:

Other Risks

In order to ensure that our attendees can make informed choices about the risks of attending Impossible Realities in Sept 2022 please note the following:


The following behaviours are not permitted at Impossible Realities 2022 and may result in loss of badge without refund or compensation and/or removal from the premises:

Attendance Is At Participant's Own Risk

Although Impossible Realities is taking steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses at the convention, we cannot entirely eliminate that risk. All attendees and other participants of Impossible Realities 2022 agree they acknowledge this risk, and that they are attending the convention at their own risk with regard to COVID-19 infection. Participants agree not to hold Impossible Realities liable in the event that they contract COVID-19 or other illness during the convention.