Impossible Realities March to Oblivion 2023

Cosality at March to Oblivion 2023

Welcome to the this page that is dedicated to the Cosplayers that will make their appearance at All Systems Restored!

First up is our new Cosplay Coordinator, Damiana Markey!

Hello everyone, I’m Damiana Markey. This year is the year for new beginnings and Cosality has a new Organizer and Event Coordinator. I have been a cosplayer since 2014 and have fallen in love with the experience of getting into and embodying a character from fantasy/fiction. I started learning to sew due to the fact I have short legs and must hem most of my pants. I decided to try and sew some clothes and try my hand at making cosplays. I had the chance to meet lots of wonderful people at Impossible Realities in the past and am happy to take up the torch to re-ignite the cosplay community here and have fun with everyone.


Second is Tyranno Dragon (Matthew Scott)!

Located in Bathurst NB, Matthew Stott has been working on getting into the cosplay industry for quite some time. Debuting as his signature Tyranno Dragon Ranger in 2022. Since then he has attended 2 cons, and was an ambassador at one, with many more cons, and special appearances in the works, as well as a few new cosplays. Make sure you follow Nerbboy Cosplay and reviews, as he keeps you up to date on his adventures.