Impossible Realities #18: Transiting to RealSpace

IR #18: Transiting to RealSpace Cosplay Attendees!

Breebee Cosplay

Bio: Sabrina Barrett Patey is local cosplayer originally from Newfoundland, now living in Saint John. She has been cosplaying for 3 years and enjoys making armor and props. She enjoys Overwatch, Diablo, DragonAge and Monster Hunter. If not crafting or working on cosplay for Impossible Realities, she is usually in front of her Xbox, slaying beasts or playing Gambit in Destiny! Always up for Hugs and photos, stop by and say Hi at IR:18!!


Lacy Lola

Bio: LacyLola, also known as Laura Gordon, was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick. Although she's always been interested in costumes and geekery, she only started cosplaying in 2017. Since then, Lola has been obsessed with bringing her favorite characters to life through sewing and more! Lola is also passionate about inclusivity, she firmly believes that COSPLAY IS FOR EVERYONE! She wants to create a welcoming, safe environment for anyone who wants to express themselves through cosplay. Be sure to get a selfie and a hug with Lola at IR:18. She can't wait to see you there!!!


Xan Melanson - Northern Cosplay

Bio: I have been cosplaying for about 6 years now and since then I have become an international cosplayer, cosplaying in places such as Nanjing, Ohio, Toronto, and soon Japan! I love to cosplay and I find that when I am not cosplaying I am either watching anime, play videos, or drawing my next inspiring piece to cosplay. Cosplay is my life and anyone one who’s a friend to the art is a friend of mine.


Ty Odinson

Bio: Ty Odinson is a Cosplayer based out of Quispamsis, New Brunswick. He loves attending Cons and meeting new people. He has often been classified as a very social geek, and loves to cosplay in groups. He is most known for his Thor Ragnarok cosplay. He has also cosplayed as Ryu from Street Fighter, Eggsy from Kingsmen, Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, and Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars Episode III. His biggest cosplay accomplishment so far has been his Arsenal cosplay which includes a full armour set that he built entirely from scratch. The full project took about 7 months to complete. His new projects for 2019 include: Tidus from Final Fantasy X, Loki from Thor Ragnarok, a Dragon Ball Saiyan Armour, and if all that goes well Spartacus is next! Ty is a huge nerd, loves cosplay, video games, board games, comics, anime, and fitness! He loves meeting and chatting with new people so don’t be shy to come say hello to Ty at Impossible Realities in September. This is his second appearance as a Cosplay Guest and he cannot wait to see all of you!


Princess Grace

Grace is a NB cosplayer who specializes in Disney cosplay through her business Perfectly Royal Princess Parties. She has been cosplaying seriously for just over a year now. Costume making and designing have been a growing passion for her as she grows into the cosplay community, as well as character performance. Along with cosplayer Grace is a high school student, and a musical theatre actress.