•Friday – September 23 – 1500pts – Bolt Action Tournament – Tank Wars



· 1500pts, Generic Selectors only – No Theatres – Use Tank Wars guidelines

· 16 Order Dice Cap

· Players should have copies of any book (PDF or physical) of any books using generic unit entries therein.

· Must have a printed army list – at least 3

· PLEASE READ – Easy Army or any other software isn’t 100% accurate, just because it is listed there, does not mean it is legal to use in an event. If you are unsure if a unit is allowable in a Generic Selector or if a type of alternate list from an expansion book (such as Chinese) are allowed, please ask! Also, please check to ensure all information therein is accurate to the unit entry in the book!

• We will be following all required and mandated CDC, Hotel and HMGS Leadership requirements for the event for the health and safety of everyone.


• Overall – need I explain?

• Best Axis and Allied Generals – Be the best bad guy or good guy…depends on your point of view!

• Officer and Gentleman - Sportsman

• Parade Inspection (pending name) – painting, army build, theme

• I Gave It my All! – Last Place

Email patrickballinger@yahoo.com or join the Florida Bolt Action Facebook group -