Saturday – September 25th – 1250pts Bolt Action Tournament Details:

• 1250pts, Generic Selectors only – No Theatres

• 18 Order Dice Cap

• Players should have copies of any book (PDF or physical) of any books using generic unit entries therein.

• Must have printed army lists – at least 3, TO, opponent and yourself.

• PLEASE – Easy Army isn’t 100%, just because it is listed there, does not mean it may be legal to use in a list. Unit entries will note if they are allowed in a generic selector. If they do not say so, check with me, but likely it says somewhere in the book “applies to this book only” or some such.

• We will be following all required and mandated CDC, Hotel and HMGS Leadership requirements for the event for the health and safety of everyone.


• Overall – need I explain?

• Best Axis and Allied Generals – Be the best bad guy or good guy…depends on your point of view!

• Officer and Gentleman - Sportsman

• Parade Inspection (pending name) – painting, army build, theme

• I Gave It my All! – Last Place

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