Gem State Gaming Convention 2023

Featured Artist

Brittany Lindstrom is a fantasy illustrator, content creator and writer. She’s also Gem State Gaming Convention’s official artist, so you can easily spot her work on GSGC’s shirts and promotional materials! Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including the bestselling DMsGuild series Not Another Monster Quest and Hugo Award Winning zine Fantastic Journeys.

As a writer, she’s best known for her work as a contributor to Zelda Dungeon and Dice Envy. She found her time with Dice Envy to be particularly rewarding, as she was tasked to create unique story hooks for TTRPG systems. Recently, she’s turned her attention to content creation. You can hear her musings weekly on Twitch and on weekly podcasts such as Gaming Theatre Presents.

To see more of her art and follow online, please visit